What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?…
This is not complex! It is the simple benefit of not having software on your local computers (or corporate servers) that must be maintained, kept up-to-date and monitored.

Additionally, some benefits may not be as obvious, especially to corporate IT users:

  • Your PCs/Servers and Mobile Devices are automatically in sync 24/7 with no manual backups required.
  • Seamless, fast file and image sharing.
  • Increases IT responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Reduces capital expenditures and operational overhead.
  • Provides greater business flexibility through an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model that scales with your business.
  • Get more choice in providers — use in-house or third-party vendors.
  • Free up IT resources for innovation.
  • Quick adaptation to updated versions, technologies and methods.
  • Access anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to intermingle hardware (Mac and PC) and software (Windows, Linux).

What’s more, the IT resources in the typical data center are locked into silos that are dedicated to particular applications. This rigid architecture makes it hard for an IT organization to quickly adapt or respond to changing business demands, and it makes it difficult to share resources throughout an enterprise — to increase utilization and improve efficiency.

By providing resources as a service, cloud computing addresses these fundamental data center challenges.  For any questions or inquiries please feel free in contacting us at info@nvisionventures.com.


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